2018 WoolPoll Panel

The 2018 WoolPoll Panel was established to work on behalf of woolgrowers to ensure WoolPoll 2018 meets the statutory obligations set out in the Wool Services Privatisation (Wool Levy Poll) Regulations 2003, as well as encourage all eligible wool levy payers to have their say and vote.

AWI called on woolgrower representative groups including state farm organisations to each put forward three nominees for the 2018 WoolPoll Panel. To achieve the diverse representation recommended by previous WoolPoll Panels, AWI requested that each group’s nominations include a grower aged under 40 years and a female. For the first time, AWI convened a WoolPoll Panel Selection Committee to appoint Panel members based on their capacity to bring fresh ideas and draw on their broad grower networks to spread the message of the importance of voting.

The 2018 WoolPoll Panel is made up of woolgrower representatives from around the country, as well as a representative from the Australian Government and AWI Board. Woolgrower representatives were appointed to the Panel by an independent Selection Committee, convened for the first time this year by AWI.

Get in contact with your 2018 WoolPoll Panel members:

Sydney Lawrie


0428 820 216


John Hassell


0428 875 073


Ed Storey


0438 309 500


Candice Roberts


0415 806 002


Steve Harrison


0427 468 303


Rob Ingram


0419 870 637


Brenton Lush


0432 664 834


Richard Keniry


0427 878 541


Joann Wilkie

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources


Jock Laurie

AWI Board

0408 226 083


Message from the Panel Chair to woolgrowers

I’m privileged to be your Panel Chair for WoolPoll 2018 and lead such a diverse Panel representing woolgrowers from all regions across Australia.

We the Panel have worked closely with AWI to ensure that the Voter Information Memorandum provides you with the information you need when deciding how to place your vote.

I encourage you to take the time to sit down as a family or a business unit and discuss the future you want for your business and your industry.

This is such a critical vote for the industry, and an opportunity we get every 3 years that other industries don’t – IT’S YOUR WOOL, IT’S YOUR LEVY, IT’S YOUR VOTE!


Sydney Lawrie - Chair, 2018 WoolPoll Panel